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    Perform a paired t-test in SPSS

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    Research Scenario: A developmental psychologist is studying whether attachment can be improved upon by providing a parent training course. He has 10 parents who are seeking services to improve their children's attachment to them. He uses a measure of which higher scores indicate more secure attachments to caregivers and gave it to them before and after the 4 week parent training course. The attachment scores data are presented below for Before and After the parent training course. Assume the data are normally distributed. Did the parent training course improve attachment?

    Before After
    13 15
    15 16
    17 17
    11 15
    12 11
    16 16
    13 17
    10 11
    12 14
    15 15

    Answer the following questions based on the provided scenario.

    14) Conduct a correlated groups t-test. Paste the appropriate SPSS output below.

    15) Use the output to calculate r2 (show your work in the space provided). Interpret it (small, medium, large) based on the conventions for this effect size calculation.

    16) Paste an appropriate SPSS graph (make sure you use the procedures outlined in this week's SPSS presentation - and don't forget to label your y axis "Attachment".

    17) Write an APA-style Results section based on your analyses. All homework "Results sections" should follow the examples provided in the presentations. Include the effect size if you have a statistically significant finding. Remember to include a decision about the null hypothesis, report the confidence intervals, and refer to your Figure above.

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