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    SPSS-Project for Appropriate Analysis

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    Hi there Martin!
    How are you today?? Here is the part of the assignment I will need your help with this week. Following, you will find the exact assignment instructions:

    1. Choose and calculate the appropriate analysis to compare the anxiety levels of those participants using the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment to those using the psychodynamic treatment (using post test scores only).

    2. Choose and calculate the appropriate analysis to compare the anxiety levels of particpants in the CBT group only at pretest, and post test.

    3. Report your analyses in the APA format and write one to two sentences interpreting each of your results. All interpretation results will need to be put in a one to two page MS Word document. Cite all sources on a separate reference page.

    I will attach the files needed to do this, and if you should need any further docs/files to assist with the assignment, let me know asap. I think I have attached the necessary files and then some, just in case. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Thank you, and kind regards.


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    I needed to use SPSS data files that I had on file for you which I am attaching. For the first question, I saved a new data file with the SUPP treatment eliminated since the comparison only involved the Post-treatment RCMAS scores for those in CBT and PSY. In this question, an Independent Samples t-test was used, as in your last assignment. These two treatment groups had 33 ...

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