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Analysis of variance in SPSS

See the attached file.
The objective of this assignment is for you to compare the means of at least three populations based on random sampling and draw some conclusions from you work.

I have already conducted the random sampling for 30 samples. I have chosen car prices in 3 different cities. All you have to do is do the following three tests: t test, and determine if pooled variance can be used. Anova test and one related sample t test. For anova make sure you use tukey cramer to see which population is different from the other 2.

Show all appropriate hypothesis and the project report should include a summary section, a section describing the objectives and the methodology, a section showing the tests done and the conclusions (include appropriate hypothesis here), and a discussion of the conclusions in plain English. In addition, you need to comment on the results of different tests that were done, and if they lead to the same or different conclusions and why.
Also please attach all the work such as all SPSS output and other work.

Detail as much as possible on the conclusion and clearly define which city is different from other cities.


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The solution gives the details of ANOVA in SPSS. Post hoc analysis (Tukey Crammer HSD) is also discussed.