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Dependent Sample T-test

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In this activity, we are interested in finding out whether participation in a creative writing course results in increased scores of a creativity assessment. For this part of the activity, you will be using the data file "Activity 4a.sav". In this file, "Participant" is the numeric student identifier, "CreativityPre" contains creativity pre-test scores, and "CreativityPost" contains creativity post-test scores. A total of 40 students completed the pre-test, took the creativity course, and then took the post-test.

1. Exploratory Data Analysis/Hypotheses

a. Perform exploratory data analysis on CreativityPre and CreativityPost. Using SPSS, calculate the mean and standard deviation of these two variables.

b. Construct an appropriate chart/graph that displays the relevant information for these two variables.

c. Write the null and alternative hypotheses used to test the question above (e.g., whether participation in the course affects writing scores).

2. Comparison of Means

a. Perform a dependent t test to assess your hypotheses above (note that many versions of SPSS use the term "paired samples t test" rather than "dependent t test"; the test itself is the same.

b. In APA style, write one or two paragraphs that describe the dataset, gives your hypothesis, and presents the results of the dependent sample t test.

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In this solution, a paired sample t-test in SPSS is conducted.

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