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Independent T-test and SPSS Data Interpretation

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Please review and answer the following questions with short explanations for answers.

Review the SPSS output file which reports the results of the independent t-test to compare the mean price per 6-pack for regular vs. reduced calorie brands of wheat beer. Answer the following questions based on your observations of the SPSS output file:

1a. Is the F-value for Levene's Test for Equality of Variances significant (that is, is the p < .05)?

1b. What is the exact significance level? Note: if the Levene's Test for Equality of Variances is significant, then equal variances cannot be assumed.

2a. Which t-value should you use now that you know whether or not equal variances can be assumed?

2b. What is that t-value?

3a What is the two-tailed significance level for that t-value?

3b. State the exact significance value.

3c. Report the results of the t-test as follows: t(31.91 value) = ___, and p-value.

4. Is there a statistically significant difference between the price per 6-pack of regular beers versus reduced calorie beers?

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