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    Independent Sample t test using SPSS

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    12. A college using a new method of teaching calculus wishes to evaluate the effectiveness of the method. A class of 24 first-year college students was randomly divided into two sections, one of which was taught using the new method and the other taught using the old method. Scores on the end-of-semester exam for the two groups of students are given below.

    New 91 80 85 87 74 76 83 89 87 75 79 88
    Old 86 78 80 83 72 75 82 76 84 72 74 87

    (a) Write down the null and alternate hypotheses of interest. (1 point).
    H0: μ(difference)=0
    H1: μ(difference)≠0

    (b) Enter the data into SPSS and carry out an appropriate hypothesis test. Report the table of means and standard deviations and the table of test results. (2 points)
    t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances

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    The p-value of the Levene's test statistics is bigger than 0.05, so we can say that the variances are equal for ...

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