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Descriptive Statistics - Statistical Inference

A. Select a topic of interest - preferably College related such the height of students or the number of hours they take to prepare for classes.
B. Choose 2 variables to observe: 1) Female and 2) Male
C. Collect 20 data points on each variable
1. Perhaps, you may design a questionnaire to collect you data
2. The design of your questionnaire is due on week 8
In providing answers to the followings, you must use the DCOVA framework.
For example, you must begin by defining your research problem, follow by data collection, organization, visualization, and then the analysis of the data.
1. Construct a frequency distribution or histogram for each of your variable
2. Graphically depict your data using two other methods studied
3. Calculate the mean, median, and mode of each distribution
4. Calculate the standard deviation and one other measure of dispersion for each distribution
5. Comment on your results - on each distribution and compare the two distributions -this is important so think carefully and write.
6. Calculate a 95 percent confidence interval for the mean of each distribution
7. Test if each mean is significantly different from zero
a) Double lines
b) APA style
c) Times Numeral Font
d) Errors free
Proposed Outline
I. Introduction
a) Define your research problem
b) State the purpose or the hypothesis (claim) that you wish to prove or dispute
c) Research deign: How you plan to collect the data ( survey-questionnaire). You need to prepare a questionnaire and attached as an appendix to your project.
d) Use of Excel to input the data
e) How the rest of the paper is organized in to different sections .
II. Body
This section will provide answers to items 1 through 7 above( required).

III. Conclusion
IV. References

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Survey Questionnaire
1. What is your gender? (Male / Female) ____________________________________________

2. How many hours per week do you spend to prepare for statistics class? _________________

I. Introduction

In this project, we are trying to make a statistical analysis on the number of hours the freshman students from University of Phoenix, Arizona, take to prepare for statistics class.
Our goal is to see if there is significant difference in the distribution of the two variables. In other words, if the number of hours spent for preparing for statistics class is different from Males to Females students.
For this, we made a questionnaire, which is in the annex. 20 male and 20 female freshman students were asked to answer three questions regarding the gender and the number of hours they spend every week to prepare for classes. The answers could be found in Table 1 from the Annex.
The data and all the computations are found in the attached Excel file.

II. Body
1. Construct a frequency distribution or histogram for each of your variable
Using Data Analysis Pack from Excel, we computed the Histogram tables for the number ...

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Checking if the number of hours to prepare for a class is significant greater than zero for male and female students.