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Nominal and Ordinal Data

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Survey Paper
Using the business problem selected ( business, economic or marketing)develop a problem statement which can be addressed with survey research. Prepare a 10-13-question survey to collect primary data regarding your selected problem statement. .

Your survey questions should include a mixture of categorical (nominal and ordinal) and quantitative (interval and ratio) variables.

Next, prepare a 700-1,050-word analysis of your survey. In your analysis, include the following:
a. Explain how the proposed survey addresses your problem statement
b. Determine if your survey questions are appropriate to research your business problem. Explain
c. Identify the level of measurement being used for each of your survey questions
d. Explain what ethical implications must be considered when developing survey questions

Attach your survey as an appendix to your survey paper.

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your ability to draft survey questions.

APA style include references

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Survey research is a powerful tool used to understand a phenomena, since you are able to quite easily poll many people. Using the internet, you can send out thousands of surveys, and expect to get back 32.5% of respondent.


Before we formulate the questions, let's examine a problem statement in the world of marketing. Imagine a company has launched a new brand of soft drink on the market, called 123 drink. They thought that the product would be a huge hit, however after 6 months on the market, sales figures are weak. This is even despite the fact that 123 drink had a huge TV campaign during prime time hours on one of the nations largest TV network.

The company then wants to find out WHY sales are so slow, so they commissioned a market research firm to conduct research to investigate what is happening in the market.

a) When conducting research, we should have a clear goal on hand which would be our problem statement. The problem statement is a clear and concise statement that describes the symptoms of the problem to be addressed.

For more info on problem statements visit:

Sales for the 123 drink were only recorded at 8%, when forecasted sales placed it at 17%. Therefore, we need to know why actual sales are significantly lower then the projected sales.

This survey will try to understand if people are aware of the drink and if they are, are they going to become loyal consumers of the drink. It also tries to understand why factors would prohibit them from buying it again.

The best way to understand your ...

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