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    Identify as: ordinal, ratio, nominal, or interval data

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    Determine if whether the data represented should be classified as ordinal, ratio, nominal, or interval:

    (1) Numbers on NASCAR cars

    (2) Class ranking

    (3) Physical height

    (4) Social security numbers

    (5) Fahrenheit temperature

    (6) Age in months

    (7) Dress sizes

    (8) Sea level

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    (1) Numbers on NASCAR cars - Nominal since these numbers have no representation of anything they are chosen randomly - The nominal scale does not express any values or relationships between variables.

    (2) Class ranking - ordinal - when you can rank values, it is ordinal

    (3) Physical height - Ratio scale, since there is a ...

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    This posting looks at 8 types of numbers and classifies then as either ordinal, ratio, nominal, or interval. It also gives a brief explanation for each one.