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Descriptive statistics, sampling methods and classifying types of data

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On the first page answer questions 22, 24

On second page answer questions 32, 34

On third page answer question 52

On fourth page answer question 58

On fifth page answer questions 14, 16

On sixth page answer questions 14, 16, 18, and 20

On the seventh page answer questions 12, 14

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The solution gives detailed steps on solving various statistical questions such as descriptive statistics, sampling method and classifying types of data. All concepts are explained.

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On the first page answer questions 22, 24

22. quantitative

24. continuous

On second page answer questions 32, 34

32. ordinal

34. interval

On third page answer question 52
52. a) The research objective is if employees are currently participating in the automatic payroll deduction for a 401k plan.
b) The population is all the emplyees in the United States.
c) The sample is 1172 employees who participate in the survey
d) mean=0.27. Since margin of error=4% and confidence level=0.95, then margin of ...

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