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    Scatter Diagrams and Linear Correlation

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    How much should a healthy shetland pony weigh? Let X be the age of the ponies in months and y be the average weight of the ponies, in kilograms.
    X: 3 6 12 18 24
    y: 60 95 140 170 185

    A} make a scatter diagram and draw the line you think best fits the data.
    B} would you say the correlation is low, moderate or strong? positive or negative?

    C} use a calculator to verify Ex=63, Ex^2 = 1089, Ey = 650,
    Ey^2 = 95,350, and Exy = 9930.Compute r. As x increases does the value of r imply that y should tend to increase or decrease? Explain.

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