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    Using Scatter Diagrams

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    Why are scatter diagrams useful? What are some difficulties in creating scatter diagrams? Give some examples of using a scatter diagram.

    Info on a scatter diagram:
    The Scatter Diagram shows how the values of two variables relate to one another. Is there a relationship and can one variable be used to predict another variable? For example, is there a relationship between the amount of fertilizer that you use and the how tall a plant grows? Or is there a relationship between how tall a man grows to be and how tall his father grew to be? Does the height of the father predict the height of the son?

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    Scattergrams are useful in determining the correlation or connection between numerical data that can help to show patterns, when used appropriately. ?A scattergram shows how two sets of numerical data relate to each other. These are used to show patterns of correlation between two sets of data ? ie how ?connected? the data is? (Thorpe, 2000, p. 1). Scattergrams or scatter plots help to determine the relationship involved in large sets of data or numbers that provides how this information correlates together. ?Scatter plots provide the following information about the relationship between two variables: strength, shape ? linear, curved, etc?, direction ? positive or negative, and presence of outliers? (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration, 2010, p. 1). ...

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