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Statistical Concepts Clarification

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I need some help in providing short clarifications on these points:
1. Is IQ test scores considered interval scale?
2. What type of research design is the strongest when I what to adopt a new educational program? Using a pre-test and post-test with control group, the previous method but without the control group, or comparing the performance of two groups of the students giving one the new program and one the old.
3. When a scatter diagrams does not meet the assumptions of Pearson's r? In curve scatter pilot or random pilot.
4. We could make Type II error if the sample size is very large or very small?
5. If the correlation coefficient of two variables = 1.31, is there a relation or an error?
6. Qualitative "researchers collect data through focused interviews, ethnography, case studies and the human as the instrument" is it true?
7.The characteristic of case studies is that they are not subject to prejudice, do not solve problems, have their greatest advantage in their depth, or their major advantage of producing valid generalizations? I'm confuse, which one is true?
8. When a test proved to be very consistent and closely related to the measure of another test, in this case can I say this test is valid and reliable?
9. Is this accurate? "Qualitative inquiry states that human behavior is bound to the context of the setting"?

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1. IQ test scores data is Interval scale because it can take any value on an interval.

2. The design with which is using pre-test and post-test with control group is the strongest design because you are more concerned about adopting a new educational program. Here we can ...

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The statistical concepts clarifications for interval scales are given. Post-test with control groups are given.

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