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Correlation coefficient value of tests

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10. An agronomy study was performed to compare the yield (in kg/ha) of Sundance winter wheat and Manitou spring wheat under the same conditions. Listed below are actual yields of both varieties of wheat from nine test plot locations. Using a 5% significance level, is there statistically sufficient evidence to support the claim that the Sundance variety yielded more wheat than the Manitou variety? Perform an appropriate hypothesis test showing necessary statistical evidence to support your final given conclusion.
Sundance Manitou
3201 2386
3095 2011
3297 2616
3644 3594
3604 3069
2860 2074
3470 2308
2042 2525
3689 2779

12. Create a paired data set with 5 data points that has strong (but not perfect) negative linear correlation. Determine the correlation coefficient value for your data.


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