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Statistical Process control - Control charts

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1. Describe an organizational scenario where quantitative (ratio level of measurement) information is or could be used to make management decisions about creating, maintaining, or improving quality.
2. State the management information need. How will the analysis be used?
3. Identify the variable(s) being measured.
4. Describe how samples are (or could be) selected. Use an appropriate random sampling method. Consider number, timing, location, etc. of sampling as relevant to the situation.
5. Determine (or describe) what type(s) of statistical process control are most suitable for the management information need: mean, range, or attribute (percent or number of defects).
6. Construct at least one control chart, including means and control limits. Use the control chart to determine if at least one sample is in control.
7. Consider actual or potential causes of variation using a Pareto, Fishbone, or other diagnostic chart.
8. Evaluate the process and draw conclusions about how it is or should be managed. Make recommendations, as need, about how the process can be brought into or maintained in control.

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Statistical Process Control: factors for control limits (Please see attached problem).

Please see attached problem.

Refer to table - Factors for computing control limits (3 sigma) for this problem.

Twelve samples, each containing five parts, were taking from a process that produces steel rods.
The length of each rod in the samples was determined. The results were tabulated and sample means
and ranges were computed. The results were:
Sample Sample mean(in.) Range (in.) Sample Sample mean(in.) Range(in.)
1 10.002 0.013 7 10.001 0.008
2 10.002 0.014 8 10.003 0.011
3 9.993 0.005 9 9.995 0.002
4 10.004 0.024 10 9.999 0.011
5 9.999 0.013 11 10.003 0.012
6 9.999 0.012 12 10.006 0.007

For the given data, the x̄s =______inches (round your response to four decimal places)

Based on the sampling done, the control limits for 3-sigma x-bar chart are:
Upper Control Limit (UCLxbar ) =______ Inches (round your response to four decimal places)
Lower Control Limit (LCLxbar ) =______ Inches (round your response to four decimal places)

Based on the x-bar chart, the process is a) OUT OF CONTROL or b) IN CONTROL

For the given data, the R (average range of the samples) =______ Inches (Round to four decimal places)

The control limits for the 3-sigma R-chart are:
Upper Control Limit (UCLR) =_______inches (round your response to for decimal places)
Lower Control Limit (LCLR) =______ inches (round your response to four decimal places)

Based on the R-chart, the wire cutting process is a) OUT OF CONROL OR b) IN CONTROL

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