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P-chart example

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A p-chart has been developed for a particular item. In the past, 3% of such items have been found to be defective. If a sample of 100 is taken, and 9 of these are found to be defective, should the process be considered out of control? Explain

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In general, it should be considered out of control, because 9% is way greater than 3% (normally, if you are within plus/minus 1 or 2%, that would be acceptable, but here you are 6% off the standard). Unless your this product is known for great ...

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Design a P-Chart

1. As a hospital administrator of a large hospital, you are concerned with the absenteeism among nurses' aides. The issue has been raised by registered nurses, who feel they often have to perform work normally done by their aides. To get the facts, absenteeism data were gathered for the last 3 weeks, which is considered a representative period for future conditions. After taking random samples of 64 personnel files each day, the following data were produced:

Day Aides Absent Day Aides Absent
1 4 9 7
2 3 10 2
3 2 11 3
4 4 12 2
5 2 13 1
6 5 14 3
7 3 15 4
8 4

Because your assessment of absenteeism is likely to come under careful scrutiny, you would like a type I error of only 1 percent. You want to be sure to identify any instances of unusual absences. If some are present, you will have to explore them on behalf of the registered nurses.

a. Design a p-chart.

b. Based on your p-chart and the data from the last 3 weeks, what can you conclude about the absenteeism of nurses' aides?

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