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    Chi square test and nonparametric testing

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    Simulation: See attached handout for the data.

    RQ: Are the proportion of M&M Peanut Chocolate Candies meet the corporate population proportion?

    Conduct a hypothesis test with a 95% confidence level.

    1. State the hypothesis
    2. State the decision rule
    3. Calculate the test statistic
    (X² is on the handout)
    4. Make a decision
    5. Interpret the decision in terms of statistical significance.
    6. If the null hypothesis was not rejected, does that mean each color is proportionally correct? If not, which color would be suspect of not being proportionally correct?

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    Nonparametric testing

    1. State the hypothesis
    H0: The proportion of different Chocolate Candies colors are in compliance with M&M.
    H1: The proportion of different Chocolate Candies colors are not in compliance with M&M.

    2. State the decision rule
    Reject the null hypothesis if the calculated value of ...

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