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    Nonparametric Methods: Chi-Square Applications word problem

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    This is a question from one of my assignments from a chapter entitled: Nonparametric Methods: Chi-Square Applications. I am trying to figure out how to do this to help me do some of the others. It says we can use: Methods of computation could include the usage of Excel®, SPSS®, Lotus®, SAS®, MINITAB®, or by hand computation.

    The chief of security for the Mall of Dakotas was directed to study the problem of missing goods. He selected a sample of 100 boxes that had been tampered with and ascertained that 60 of the boxes, the missing pants, shoes and so on were attributed to shoplifting. For 30 other boxes employees had stolen the goods, and for the remaining 10 boxes he blamed poor inventory control. In his report to the mall management, can he say that shoplifting is twice as likely to be the cause of the loss as compared with either employee theft or poor inventor control and that employee theft and poor inventory control are equally likely? Use the .02 significance level.

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    Nonparametric Methods: Chi-Square Applications word problem.
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