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Chi Square Hypothesis Test of Independence

As the price of oil rises, there is increased worldwide interest in alternate sources of energy. A Financial Times/Harris Poll surveyed people in six countries to assess attitudes toward a variety of alternate forms of energy (Harris Interactive website, February 27, 2008). The data in the following table are a portion of the pollâ??s findings concerning whether people favor or oppose the building of new nuclear power plants.

Response Great Britain France Italy Spain Germany United States
Strongly favor 141 161 298 133 128 204
Favor more than oppose 348 366 309 222 272 326
Oppose more than favor 381 334 219 311 322 316
Strongly oppose 217 215 219 443 389 174

a. How large was the sample in this poll?
b. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine whether peoples attitude toward building new nuclear power plants is independent of country. What is your conclusion?
c. Using the percentage of respondents who strongly favor and favor more than oppose, which country has the least favorable attitude?

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