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    Multivariete analysis in SPSS

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    Interpretation the statistical results in the attached document.

    Modern dog shows certain similarity in skeletal jaw structure with the Prehistoric Thai Dog. Although no significant differences were observed in the length of the mandible, differences were observed in the breath and height of the mandible. Although the articular condyle breadth of the MD appears not to be significantly different from that of the PTD, the significance level was however very close to the threshold of the 5% convention. No differences were observed in the length of the molars and breadth of lower canine while differences were recorded for the breadth of the molar and length of the premolar. The GJ shows no differences in breadth of articular condyle with the PTD while significant differences were observed in length of the molar and premolar. The Cuon shows no differences in the breadth of mandible and molar while showing significant differences in the height of mandible, length of premolar and breadth of the lower canine with the PTD. The Indian wolf shows major differences in the height of mandible with the PTD.)

    1. Please interpret the data on the table below: What does a Pillai trace measure in particular?
    2. How can we get the p-value from the data in the table below?
    3. Please provide an explanation of the result for each Fig below:
    4. Please provide explanation of the box-plots below:

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