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T-Tests & Analysis of variance

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In addition, to showing your printout and excel, state the result of the hypothesis test in terms of the question by using complete sentences and examples.

Ques 1:1

A nationwide sample of influential Republicans and Democrats were asked as a part of a comprehensive survey whether they favored lowering the environmental standard so that high sulfur coal could be burned in coal-fired power plants. The results were:
----------------------------------------------Republicans ----------------Democrats--------
Numbers sampled 1000 800
Number in Favor 200 168
At the .02 level of significance, can we conclude that there is a larger proportion of democrats in favor lowering the standards?

Ques 1:2

Fry Brothers heating and Air Conditioning Inc., employs Larry Clark and George Murnen to make service calls to repair furnaces and air conditioning units in homes. Tom Fry, the owner, would like to know whether there is a difference in the mean number of service calls they make per day. Assume the population Standard deviation for Larry Clark is 1.05 calls per day and 1.23 calls per day for George Murnen. A random sample of 40 days last year showed that Larry Clark made an average of 4.77calls per day. For a sample of 50 days George Murnen made an average of 5.02 calls per day. At the .05 significance level, is there a difference in the mean number of calls per day between the two employees? What is the p-value?

Question 2:1

The willow Run Outlet Mall has two Haggar Outlet Stores, one located on Peach Street and the other on Plum Street. The two stores are laid out differently. But both store managers claim their layout maximizes the amounts customers will purchase on impulse. A sample of ten customers at the peach tree store revealed they spent the following amounts more than planned: (in dollars): $17.58, 19.73, 12.61, 17.79, 16.22, 15.82, 15.40, 15.86, 11.82, and 15.85.

A sample of fourteen customers at the Plum street store revealed they spent the following amounts more than they planned when they entered the store: (In dollars): $18.19, 20.22, 17.38, 17.96, 23.92, 15.87, 16.47, 15.96, 16.79 , 16.74, 21.40, 20.57, 19.79, 14.83. At the .01 significance level?is the variance on the Peach Tree Street greater than the variance of the Plum Street store? (Use variable 1 as Plum Street and variable 2 as Peach Street).


A consumer organization wants to know if there is a difference in the price of a particular
toy at three different types of stores. The price of the toy was checked in a sample of five discount toy stores, five variety stores, and five department stores. The results are shown below. (Use the .05 signifcance level to conduct the test).

Discount Toy Variety Department

$12 15 19
13 17 17
14 14 16
12 18 20
15 17 19

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Step by step method for testing the hypothesis under 5 step approach is discussed here. Excel template for each problem is also included. This template can be used to obtain the answers of similar problems.

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