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    Statistics: In what circumstances can ANOVA be used?

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    "When would you use ANOVA in your education, your personal life, or some issue in politics? Create an ANOVA table that consists of 3 or 4 treatments on your issue (suggestion: create the table in Word)

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    The purpose of conducting ANOVA is to see if there is any difference between two or more groups on some variable. ANOVA is a general technique that can be used to test the hypothesis that the means among two or more groups are equal, under the assumption that the sampled populations are normally distributed.
    A one-way analysis of variance requires that the independent variable specify groups or categories and the dependent variable be interval level.

    ANOVA with 3 Samples: (A Business Example)

    a. Write a brief statement of purpose of the study

    Three different aisle locations were considered: Front, Middle, and Rear. A random sample of 18 stores was selected, with 6 stores randomly assigned to each aisle location. At the end of a one month trial period, the sales volumes (in thousands of dollars) of the product in each store ...

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