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    Statistics - ANOVA on an Experimental Data

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    In this experiment we are attempting to decontaminate an aerosol sampling device. Three devices are sterilized and then collect samples of air contaminated with bacteria. Different methods of decontaminating them are then attempted. This is one of the goals of the experiment, to see if one method is superior to the other. The first method is simply wiping the equipment down with a paper towel soaked in a 10% bleach solution, followed by purging the device with clean air for 30 minutes (in 5, 10 and 15 minute intervals). The second is again wiping the device with a 10% bleach solution but only purging the device with clean air for 15 minutes. The third is submerging the components in a 10% bleach solution for 5 minutes, submerging them in water for 5 minutes and then a 15 minute air purge. The resulting data are bacterial counts at each stage of the experiment.
    From a purely statistical standpoint, how do I use ANOVA to decide which of the three methods is the one to select?
    The attached data file has some results from a recent test.

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