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ONE WAY ANOVA - One Factory Experiment

An experiment is performed to determine the yields of 5 different varieties of wheat, A, B, C, D, E. Four plots of land are assigned to each variety, and the yields (in bushels per acre) are as shown in table. Assuming the plots to be of similar fertility and that varieties are assigned at random to plots, determine if there is a significant difference in yields at levels of significance (a) 0.05 (b) 0.01 .

Variety Plots
A 20 12 15 19
B 17 14 12 15
C 23 16 18 14
D 15 17 20 12
E 21 14 17 18

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Mean yield of variety A = 16.5 bushels/acre
Mean yield of variety B = 14.5 bushels/acre
Mean yield of variety C = 17.75 bushels/acre
Mean yield of variety D = 16 ...

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