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One Way ANOVA Analysis for a Real World Situation

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ANOVA Analysis

Please provide detailed information and answer each instance.

Bring to mind a real-world situation or problem that could be addressed using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA).

For this situation or problem:

1. Clearly identify the independent and dependent variables you would study, including the number of levels of the independent variable.

2. Generate the statistical null and alternative hypotheses.

3. Describe what information the effect size would tell you that the probability value would not tell you.

4. Explain what additional information confidence intervals around means (or around mean differences) would give your reader.

5. Explain when would you need to report a post hoc test and why.

6. Using realistic numbers for values of degrees of freedom, sample size, F-ratio, and confidence interval(s) (if appropriate), and post hoc results (if appropriate), report hypothetical results in a few sentences using correct APA format.

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This solution provides an example of a real world Anova analysis for sales volume in three different aisle locations in 18 different stores. This solution is provided in an attached Word document.

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