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    One-Way Analysis: Samples of 3 Chain Stores Sales per Customer

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    The following data show samples of three chain stores in three different locations in one town and the amount of dollars spent per customer per visit. Management wishes to test whether each shopper is spending an equal amount of money at each store.

    Store A Store B Store C
    3 1 42
    3 29 17
    20 14 44
    42 47 30
    22 37 11
    6 16

    Perform a one-way analysis of variance on these data, assuming = 0.05:
    · State the null and alternate hypotheses
    · Calculate the sums of squares SS(total), SS(factor), and SS(error)
    · Calculate the degrees of freedom df(total), df(factor), and df(error)
    · Calculate the mean square for factor, and the mean square for error
    · Calculate the F-statistic
    · Determine the critical value(s)
    · State your decision: Should the null hypothesis be rejected?

    Please show all of your work in word format

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    ANOVA One way Classification

    a) The null hypothesis H0: The mean amount of money spending in each store is equal
    Alternative Hypothesis H1: At least one pair of means has significant difference.

    For the ...

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