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Compute and interpret the R-square, Conclusion

A marketing analyst for a major shoe manufacturer is considering the development of a new brand of running shoes. The marketing analyst wants to determine which variables can be used in predicting durability (or effect of long-term impact). Two independent variables are to be considered, X1 (FOREIMP), a measurement of the forefoot shock-absorbing capability, and X2 (MIDSOLE), a measurement of the change in impact properties over time, along with the dependent variable Y (LTIMP), which is a measure of the long-term ability to absorb shock after a repeated impact test. A random sample of 10 types of currently manufactured running shoes was selected for testing. Fill in the missing values and answer questions a and b.

Regression 8.61

Error 0.084

a. Compute and interpret the R-square.

b. What conclusion can you make about the statistical significance of the overall model? Use alpha =0.05.


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