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    SPSS: Regression analysis question

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    Wageweb conducts surveys of salary data and presents summaries on its website. Based on salary data as of October 1, 2002, Wageweb reported the average annual salary for sales vice presidents was $142,111, with an average annual bonus of $15,432. Assume the following data are a sample of the annual salary and bonus for 10 vice presidents.

    Data are in thousands of dollars.

    Using SPSS:

    1. Compute and interpret the coefficient of determination (r2)

    2. Develop a plot of the residuals against the independent variable and briefly interpret the plot

    Please see attached files for description of question and data files.

    This is a compute and interpret the coefficient of determination question and involves developing and interpreting a plot of residuals

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    The Regression Model is developed by assuming the relationship that Bonus is a function of Salary. The regression equation tested therefore is:

    Bonus = constant + beta * Salary + error

    Using Bonus as dependent variable and Salary as independent variable, regression is run in SPSS. The results are attached in the SPSS Output and also presented below:

    Model Summary(b)

    Model R R Square Adjusted R Square Std. Error of the Estimate
    1 .925(a) .855 .837 2.084
    a Predictors: (Constant), Salary
    b Dependent Variable: Bonus


    Model Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Sig.
    1 Regression 205.259 1 205.259 47.266 .000(a)
    Residual 34.741 8 4.343
    Total 240.000 9
    a Predictors: (Constant), Salary
    b Dependent Variable: Bonus


    Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig.
    B Std. Error Beta
    1 (Constant) -10.164 3.862 -2.632 .030
    Salary .184 .027 .925 6.875 .000
    a Dependent Variable: Bonus

    The value of Rsq. (Coefficient ...

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