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    ANOVA test for effect of drug on animals

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    A psychologist would like to examine the effects of a new drug on the activity level of animals. Three samples of rats are selected with n = 5 in each sample. One group gets no drug, one group gets a small dose, and the third group gets a large dose. The psychologist records the activity level for each animal. The data from this experiment are presented below.
    No drug Small dose Large dose
    5 5 10
    3 5 12
    1 9 9 G = 90
    1 6 6 ΣX2 = 678
    5 5 8
    T = 15 T = 30 T = 45
    SS = 16 SS = 12 SS = 20
    (a) Do these data indicate any significant differences among the three groups? Test with α = .05.
    and conclude that the drug a significant effect on activity level.

    (b) Compute η2, the percentage of variance accounted for by the treatment. (Round the answer to two decimal places.)

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