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I do not have any data for the groups that need to be added, it can be assumed & made up. T

Please help me find three separate sets of data about the "candy" study I have attached. Please add a third "salt" group, or a "peanut butter" group, or a "taffy group" or a "salad group" or . . . . and see if there is any difference between the three groups using a one way ANOVA.

I have to prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper examining an ANOVA on the selected data. Begin by describing the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data. Then, perform an ANOVA on your data using any method of computation. Finally, interpret the results of your ANOVA and the significance of the results to the organization as a whole. Be sure to attach the results of the ANOVA created to your paper.

Note: Methods of computation could include the usage of Excel®, SPSS®, Lotus®, SAS®, MINITAB®, or by hand computation.


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I kept the same data you had for the candy group (now called candy group 1) and the no candy group. I made up data for a third group (called candy group 2). You can say that they two ...