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ANOVA Testing on Personal Bankers Sales Goals

I have the scenario, the data and stated the hypothesis. I need help with the rest, please see attached doc. Feel free to provide or change the data if necessary.

Please see attached file for full problem description.

Begin by describing the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data.
o Use Excel to perform an ANOVA on your data using any method of computation.
 Identify the null and alternate hypotheses both numerically and verbally.
 Identify the significance level.
 Identify the test statistic used to test the hypotheses.
 State the decision rule.
 State the decision.
 Include in your paper a single table that presents the data you're analyzing.
 Present the ANOVA analysis from Excel as a table in the body of your paper on in an appendix.
o Interpret the results of your ANOVA and the significance of the results to the organization as a whole.

I work for a bank, and each of the Personal bankers have a sales goal on the amount of checking account they sale per week. I can pick 3 of my associates and get some data on the amount of checking accounts they sale in a monthly basis.

H0: There is no significant difference in average of checking account sales of all three bankers
H1: There is significant difference in average of checking account sales of all three bankers

Banker A Banker B Banker C
Week 1 25 28 24
Week 2 29 22 21
Week 3 20 23 18
Week 4 25 25 29

See attachment for better symbol representation.


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This solution provides the null and alternative hypothesis, identifies the significance level, determines the test statistic using ANOVA and compares it to the p-value to either accept or reject the null hypothesis.