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ANOVA for three MBA cohort program data

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1. Bay Area University enrolls MBA students in three cohort programs: Weeknight, Saturday, and Distance. Dean Ed Epstein wants to know if there is a difference in the average of the students in the three programs. He has his assistant take a random sample of 5 students from each program and record their ages.

Weeknight Saturday Distance
29 32 25
27 33 24
30 31 24
27 34 25
28 30 26

a) State the Null hypothesis and the Research hypothesis to be tested
b) Calculate the F statistic.
c) Should the Null hypothesis be rejected at the 5% level of significance?
d) Draw box plots for the different programs.
e) Using the least-significant difference test, identify the significant differences between the programs.

2. Please describe the different parts of a statistical report and what is included in each section.

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This solution gives the step by step method for computing ANOVA test statistic for MBA cohort program data.

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