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ANOVA: Excercise Programs

10. The data below show the weight loss for people in three different exercise programs. At the 1% significance level, does a significant difference exist in the true mean weight loss produced by the three exercise programs? (Use the space provided below to test the hypothesis that there is no difference in the three exercise programs.)

Exercise A Exercise B Exercise C
2.5 5.8 4.3
8.8 4.9 6.2
7.3 1.1 5.8
9.8 7.8 8.1
5.1 1.2 7.9

a) (1) What is the name of the test procedure used for this problem? __________________________

b) (2) State the null and alternative hypotheses

Ho: H1:

c) (2) Report the test statistic ____________and the p-value ______________ from the test.

d) (2) What is the statistical decision?

e) (3) What is your conclusion? Explain what this means to someone who is not familiar with statistics. Remember to use full sentences and correct grammar.

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