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    ANOVA Analysis - Null and alternative hypothesis

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    In this module of your SLP, you will continue your literature review regarding your chosen topic, and you will locate in particular one article that uses inferential statistical procedures that were overviewed in this module (that is, a dependent or independent t-test or ANOVA.)

    You will describe the study identifying:

    (a).Null and alternative hypothesis

    (b).Sampling procedures

    (c).Independent/Subject and Dependent Variable/s

    (d).Alpha level

    (e).Outcome (significant results, or fail to reject null hypothesis)

    You will also be invited to comment on the quality of the research and make suggestions for further studies. If you could ask the researcher three questions about the results, what would they be?

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    Solution Summary

    Here a biomedically relevant research article is analyzed for the null and alternative hypothesis, sampling procedure, variables, alpha level and outcomes. Further the quality of the research is assessed as a whole and suggestions for further study are provided