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Difference in Miles Ran between the two halves of the data

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Consider the attached data on Miles Ran. Divide your data in half, your first 8 observations and your last 7 observations. Use ANOVA to test to see if there is a significant difference between the two halves of your data.

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Null Hypothesis (Ho): There is no significant difference in the population Miles Ran between the two halves of the data.
Alternative Hypothesis (Ha): There is a significant difference in the ...

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation for Analysis of variance and least square regression. A data is divided in such a way so that the ANOVA can be performed on the given data. Full description is given including, Null and Alternative Hypotheses, level of significance, ANOVA table, P-value, F-value, decision about rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis along with concluding remarks are given in the solution. ANOVA output is generated using excel add ins "Data Analysis".