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Anova Analysis Customer Satisfaction Survey

Class -look at this data
Customer Satisfaction Level
Overall Taste

Very Satisfied Nor Very
Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Satisfied Satisfied

Unlikely 120 60 25 15 10
Purchase Undecided 40 40 30 45 55
Decision Likely 10 15 45 70 175

the data above is from a study where the researchers used a 5 point scale to determine if folks liked the taste of candy (such as M&M's in a new flavor) and whether or not they would purchase them.

To see if there is a significant difference between the values for the purchase decisions and if the satisfaction level makes that difference, a hypothesis test needs to be done.

Please do the following

1. using ANOVA - for two factors - see if the rows (purchase decision) or the (columns) satisfaction level are significant.

What result do you get?

I have attached an excel file with the data for you to use.


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The solution uses an ANOVA analysis to determine customer satisfaction level.