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    Emma's On-the-Go, a large convenience store that makes a good deal of money from magazine sales, has three possible locations in the store for its magazine rack: in the front of the store (to attract "impulse buying" by all customers), on the left-hand side of the store (to attract teenagers who are on that side of the store looking at the candy and soda), and in the back of the store (to attract the adults searching through the alcohol cases). The manager at Emma's experiments over the course of several months by rotating the magazine rack among the three locations, choosing a sample of days at each location. Each day, the manager records the amount of money brought in from the sale of magazines.

    Below are the sample mean daily sales (in dollars) for each of the locations, as well as the sample variances:

    Size Mean Variance
    48 213.7 377.3
    48 213.5 529.4
    48 223.2 485.8

    What is the value of the mean square for treatments of an ANOVA test?
    What is the value of the mean square for error.?

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