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One way ANOVA: Free throw contest


Use these parameters to guide me through the steps in solving this problem using one way Anova.

Recently I saw that there was a free throw contest involving 70 people between A, B, and C groups to see who can make the most baskets in one minute. This took place in 7 groups of ten and the scores of the contestants were averaged out below. Not every group had a representative due to more members in A than B or C groups. Use the one way ANOVA formula to decipher if there enough evidence to conclude a difference in the average number of free throws that were done by A, B, and C contestants Use the 0.05 level of significance.

A, B, C,
1) 23 80 65
2) 33 66 59
3) 61 59 75
4) 70 67 77
5) 69 60 12
6) 92 17
7) 93

- Show formula used and walk through the steps.
- State the hypotheses.
- Find the critical values
- Compute the test value
- Make the decision
- Summarize the results

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