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Analysis of variance with interaction term

I have four categories, for instance, age, sex, zone and weight. I am asked if the average weight of the population differs among the four zones, and the sexes. I performed a one way anova test for weight and zones then another for weight and sex. Is this correct? I then performed a one way anova test of the zones versus age class since I was asked if ages were distributed among the zones.

The last two questions are based on interactions. I decided to try and perform a two way anova test for age, weight and zones however the groups are not even. So I decided to perform a general linear model. Is this correct? I am finding it difficult to decide what anova test to perform. Can you please give me some insight?


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The solution gives step by step procedure for ANOVA with interaction term. Null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, critical value, test statistic and P value are given with interpretations.