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    The national problem of social conflict

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    • What is a current problem/issue within the field of Sociology?
    • Who is the problem/issue mostly geared towards? A specific audience (e.g. policy makers, school board, principal, department of child safety, or city leaders).
    • Why is the problem/issue important to the audience and society?

    *500 words for 5 credits*

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    A current and very important problem or issue within the field of sociology, is the tremendous level of conflict between different groups within our society. These problems could be characterized as problems that would fall under one or more of the conflict theories of sociology. One of the prevailing aspects or subsets of this problem is the tremendous amount of conflict between the haves and have-nots within this society, which results in a power struggle between these groups due to the fact that the wealthiest 2% of this nation have greater wealth and assets than the combined total of wealth and assets of the majority of the population of the nation. This has led to a struggle for economic power that pits two opposing groups against each other due to the fact that the wealthier individuals are seeking to maintain and ...

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