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Workplace Ethical Dilemma

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My major of study is Human Service Management

â?¢ Assess a professional dilemma and values conflict that you experienced before beginning your major course of study or during your program of studies. Complete all three sections of the assignment.

1. Describe the experience:

o What was the ethical issue you experienced?
o Who was involved? Use only first names or initials for the participants.
o What was the relationship of the other individuals to you?

2. Analyze the ethical dilemma:

o Was there a difference in power and authority? Explain.
o What were the ethics in question?
o What personal values were in conflict?
o What were the potential outcomes?
o What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved?

3. Evaluate the outcome:

o What was the outcome at the time?
o What were the consequences to you and the other parties involved?
o Based on what you have learned since beginning your program of study and through your continuing work experience, would you handle the situation differently or in the same way? Explain.

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Ethical Issues: Counselling & Relationships

I was working as an assistant youth counsellor for my community's local youth reach-out clinic one summer. The clinic specializes in helping teens undergoing a difficult and stressful situation or period in their lives due to a number of elements and stressors including parental relationships (i.e. the parents undergoing divorce), bullying in school and among peers, issues with drug addiction, behavioral issues, etc. The training I received for this position was particularly for the purpose of keeping records and finding the appropriate government agencies to provide for and assist our clients with the nature of their issues. I also talk to the clients but never in a professional and specialized manner. My duty was to provide a sounding board when needed, an understanding ear. But since I was not specialized and trained in dealing with youth issues (i.e. I still have to finish my Psychology studies and human services management studies), I was not in a position to formulate the deal with the issues confronting the clients directly - that was my Boss' job, he was one of the 'main' counsellors in the clinic.

The issue at hand was this - while my duties are limited I am also very much aware of the code of ethics of counselling practice and the policies and rules set out in the clinic especially in relation to counsellor relationships. There was a problematic girl, about 16, ...

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