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Sociological Analysis: WB TV's Spy Series Chuck

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Watch a sitcom, drama, or reality television show "through a sociologist's eyes." While watching the show, imagine how one or more of the major theorists would explain the show's situation or story. Write a 700-1050-word paper including a brief synopsis of the show and an explanation of the events based on a sociological perspective (social conflict, structural-functional, or symbolic interactionism). You may choose to focus on a specific scene or character from the show instead of the entire program. Be sure to state which perspective you are "viewing" through and give specific examples from the show that relate to the basic tenants of your selected perspective.

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This solution reviews the popular TV series from Warner Brothers TV 'Chuck' from a sociological perspective. Sociological imagination and the use of perspectives is explained, a summary of the show is provided and the show is analyzed for structure and function looking at varied characters, the social dynamics within the imagined primary and secondary groups in the story and the relationships that characters share and have with each other. This solution is approximately 1500 words, follows the APA-format and is also included in an attached Word document.

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Dear Student,
I have chosen a popular TV series to analyse - I hope that you are familiar with it and that this solution will be of use to you. Take note of the explanation on sociological imagination as it is necessary to understand & remember when taking on sociological perspectives. Thanks for using Brainmass.

Analysing WB's CHUCK

The Sociological Imagination

Sociology, the social science that seeks to understand the dynamic mechanisms of the social world requires scientists who study social phenomena to ensure that the theoretical tools & assumptions/philosophies they are using to be appropriate to the challenges/tasks they face, therefore they have to be familiar with the methodologies of research & the varied theories & perspectives that are useful in highlighting the varied aspects of the social world. Before social scientists can go out into the field however, they have to imbue themselves with a perspective that allows them to establish social relations that create the seemingly invisible bonds cultures, people and societies share from individuals, groups and the bigger community. This perspective or skill of viewing the social world is termed as 'sociological imagination' and was first suggested by American sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1959. Sociology being the systematic study of society by seeking to understand & expose patterns in social stratification, relations, interaction & culture required sociologists the ability to link individual experiences to that of social institutions & other groups and to be able to isolate & identify relationships & viewpoints especially if such opinions are that of the researcher to avoid imbuing his research with a subjective viewpoint as social research is still in argument about how detached social research ought to be as social scientists are part of their own object of analysis (unlike in the natural sciences where biologists can study plant species under a microscope in a detached setting). The challenge, mainly in the social sciences is to understand the problems facing social networks, facing man & society. More than ever, ours is a world of dynamic communication & transportation, social change is inevitable economically, politically or otherwise due to globalization, relationships are established and change and status is not permanent. In this exercise, I am choosing to use the sociological imagination for the purpose of looking at a TV show from a sociologist's eyes.

Warner Brothers ...

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