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    Social expectations

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    What has happened to expectations in America? In your own life? What does the formula:Self-Esteem= Success-Pretentions mean?

    What is the relationship between equality, envy, and expectation?

    What do you make of the photograph attached?

    Why do people believe in self-help promoters like Anthony Robbins who preach the gospel of "you can have it all?"

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    What has happened to expectations in America? In your own life? What does the formula: Self-Esteem= Success + Pretentions mean?
    In America we have abandoned the pursuit of happiness for the "right" of happiness. It used to be that immigrants came to America because here they would have the freedom to pursue their dreams. Whether they succeeded or not was up to them and luck. Today immigrants come to America because they are guaranteed health care, government assistance and many times they feel they have a right to these things. Recent legislation in California would seem to back up this entitlement mindset.
    Self-esteem is no longer measured by having a loving family and living a virtuous life. In modern day American one must enjoy the ...

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    The notion of expectations as it relates to performance, achievement and success in modern America is tackled in this solution.