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    Social Change: Helping Working Parents

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    What are some of the ways in which society might respond to help reduce the problems that arise when both parents work? Should these responses be the responsibility of the parents, the employer, or the government?

    Provide examples of religion's ability to promote significant social change

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    It is interesting that society is being called upon to help solve this problem. This is ironic because, in a very real sense, society is the cause of the problem. The idea that both parents should work while there are young children in the home is almost accepted without a thought today. However, several decades ago it would have been assumed that one of the parents would raise the children while the other parent earned a living outside of the home. In many cases the added costs of the second job (hiring childcare, having a second car, business trips and clothes, eating out, etc.) practically negate the financial benefits of having one. Add to the this the fact that the children are being raised by someone who is not their parent and the added stress on the marriage caused by both parents working outside the home and we should at least reconsider the supposed benefits of both parents working.

    A significant demographic of the population that is in need of childcare however is single parent households. Again, in numerous cases society is once again the problem. Through the entertainment industry and the examples of role models such as sports stars, celebrities and politicians, teenagers are taught that monogamy and abstinence are a joke and that sexual freedom should be practiced without a thought for the consequences. The result is a significant problem with teen pregnancy and divorce in marriage. This results in numerous single parent homes where child care is a real need since there is no option for one parent to both stay at ...

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    This post is a commentary on real or perceived problems that arise when both parents work outside the home. How can society help alleviate these problems? Can religious organizations be of some help in these scenarios? Over 1000 words of original text along with links to sources for further review.