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    Self reported social status

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    Describe your social status as you see it. For example, if you have a job, is your status at work different than it is in your peer groups? Is your status in school different than it is in your family? Explain the differences in how you interact with people at work and school or with friends and family. You may use any examples from your experience.
    o Consider how your social status influences your view of the world. Give an example from your personal experience of how you have shaped your own reality through social interaction.

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    Social Status

    In the social sciences, social status is seen as that particular honour or prestige attached to one's place in social hierarchy as he sees himself and as he is seen by others in a society or a group he finds he belongs to. While a social position is certainly relative according to the circumstances that surrounds it (i.e. The importance of the Tahitian princess as seen by his people will never be shared in the same measure by say, Croatians or Americans; the way David Hasselhof is idolized in Germany remains a mystery to Americans & Australians) there is no escaping the fact that social structures always present a particular hierarchy which to its end governs the measures of reward & opportunity. There are usually two ways to attain a particular social standing - by one's own personal hard work referred to as achieved status (i.e. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Mother Theresa) or by having been born into it or given it - the ascribed status (Royals, inherited wealth, donated or given wealth through another's will, etc.).

    What is status exactly? It can mean meaning things dependent upon the context of what the subject is stratified within. It can refer to rights, facilities, wealth, power, lifestyle, capacity, education, etc. In our world, occupation and annual earnings are common determinants. One's affiliations - religion, social circles, referential groups, and ethnicity certainly influence a social status as well. For instance in today's schools & colleges, students identify themselves according to what they see they are and how others perceive them. Students who are smart & studious & prefer activities of the mind usually gather together as a band of 'geeks' & 'nerds' furthering down the division by their preferences in the sciences (biology, physics, math & statistics) as well as software programs (Linux, Apple, Windows). While grade & academic-wise they usually remain at the top tier of student ranking, many of them do ...

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    The essay defines & discusses from a sociological point of view the concept of social status, what it is about, how it is concieved or achieved by individuals, its relevance & importance to identity, individuality, social survival & to a culture/society. It further discusses social status by providing a discussion of the social status of an individual according to the varied groups & social circle one belongs to, in this case, that of a working student and how, in this particular case the student ranks in varied environments in terms of 'status' according to function,education, skills & the accorded relevance of all these to eventual place the student has in a social group. A word format of the solution is attached. The essay-solution is written in APA format.