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Personal growth & development resources

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1. Where would you look for the resources to support personal growth and development?

2. Why do personal growth and development seem more urgent today than they were in the past?

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Resources for Personal Growth & Development

There are varied areas or rather sources of personal growth that one can focus on for the purpose of self-development. When one looks to improve one's self, it is a personal choice, a conscious act of improving one's self in chosen areas of one's person be it skills, behavior, personality, etc. The resources can be divided into very specific areas - physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual. They are defined by areas of improvement as follows -

? Physical - when one finds himself in need of physical improvement and development for health, fitness and general lifestyle change purposes that require a physical change, one can take on physical activities like sports as well as ensuring a change in one's eating habits. Eating healthy can also be improved further by drinking enough water, sleeping well and practicing good hygiene as this helps in protecting the physical aspect from the onset of diseases.

? Mental - improving one's mental aspect by improving comprehension through ...

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