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    Is Obesity Really a Problem?

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    I need some help with a couple questions:

    a. Why is obesity high in some states and not in others?
    b. Is overeating the only cause of rising obesity rates, or what other social factors could contribute to them?
    c. In the nature-nurture debate, do you think that people are the size they are because of genetics or because of lifestyle choices?

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    a. Why is obesity high in some states and not in others?

    According to Lauren Cox of ABC News, "Obesity experts say a variety of factors -- from cuisine to climate to economic means -- could push the population in one state further towards obesity than another." This means that certain regions of the country, the South for instance, is used to eating much fattier, sugary foods than other states. To them, eating fried fish with hush puppies and a sweet tea is everyday food. As well, due to the hot climate, people are less likely to work out as often. Included with a fatty diet, this accounts for some of the highest obesity rates being in Southern states. The source also states that not everyone thinks of the obesity problem the same way. What might be a weight problem to one family may not be to another. ...

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