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    Groups & Membership Responsibilities

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    Why is it important when working as a group that you (and/or) the group be:

    1. trusting rather than suspicious
    2. helping rather than ignoring/blocking
    3. expressing rather than repressing feelings
    4. risk taking rather than cautious or visa versa
    5. authentic rather than game playing
    6. confronting rather than avoiding
    7. open rather than hidden/diplomatic

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    Understanding Groups

    Groups are defined in the social sciences as the building block of society. A group is an organization of social agents, people, who come together to share membership and gather. It is in groups that culture and traditions begin. There are 3 classifications of social groups -primary, secondary and referential. It is this groups that make up society.
    ? Primary - basic and intimate, the 'first hand' group whereby the individual experiences socialization first hand & is most his/herself. This is his family, his group of very close friends or relatives/clan. Membership here gives the individual shelter and fulfilment of his most important needs - kinship, belonging, purpose, and support. Here, family traditions happen and contribute greatly to ones identity.
    ? Secondary - bigger than primary and are usually formal and informal in nature. Membership here is a big part of ...

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    Groups are defined in the social sciences as the building block of society. The solution explores the role of groups and how, as a member of a group whaterver its nature (primary, secondary and referential), it is important to take into account group dynamics and roles and explains why the 7 points given (see original problem) are important considerations in group dynamics/efficiency. Written in APA format, word version is attached for easy printing.