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    Explaining the Somalian Refugee Crisis

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    At least 500-600 Somali refugees are going to be settled in Figaro in the upcoming year, as part of a U.S. government program. Somali refugees have been resettled in a number of cities in the U.S. already. A number of the families are going to be placed in public housing units in Figaro. The mayor wants to be sure to prepare for the issues that this resettlement is going to present for the town. The Committee on Human Rights has been asked to help in this preparation.

    ---Discuss recent history in Somalia and the reasons that Somalis need to be resettled in the U.S.

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    Understanding the Somali Refugee Situation

    Somalia is seen as the world's worst Humanitarian disaster with over 1.2 million Somalis internally displaced. Prior to 1991, the number of Somali refugees or persons of Somali descent living in the US was very low. The Somali Civil War of 1991 however created a human rights situation in the country as society plunged into chaos and rival forces took on each other at the expense of social order. Since 1991, tens of thousands of Somali Refugees sought for resettlement in the US and its territories and as it stands, Somalis account for the largest African group of refugees to have ever sought membership in the American Society. From the 70's, African immigration to the US steadily increased almost doubling every decade. The INS from their 2002 census details the following numbers:

    ? 1971-1980 - 80,779
    ? 1981-1990 - 176,893
    ? 1991-2000 - 354,000

    The 2000 census showed over 881,300 born in Africa having entered the country between 1990 and 2000. The main cause of the surge of refugees and migrants to America from affected African countries especially Somalia is socio-economic. As it stands, Somalis like many other citizens of disadvantaged African nations try their luck crossing the border to enter Europe seeking a better life in nations that are economically & politically stable for the purpose, among others, of finding jobs so as to enable them to send money home. As it stands the European Union is hard-pressed with the current border troubles of Africans crossing the seas after they've trekked through the desert, risking their lives for the hope of entering the European Union. While there are policies agreed by the European Union in terms of political asylum and refugee resettlement, each nation has its own set of policies and rules with regards to asylum and it is tough. Just outside of Calais, France near the port stands a refugee-migrant camp of those seeking asylum. With their cases dubious and increasing migrant problem, some refugees have stayed in these camps for years and years without hope of ever 'entering' society unless otherwise they agree repatriation to their homelands. For Somalis, the surge towards American refugee and resettlement was due to many favourable factors:

    ? The US has in place legislation supporting the case of Political asylum Seekers & refugees (i.e., the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act and the Immigration Act of 1990);

    ? The US, as a concerned global power has seen to understanding the political & socioeconomic situation of Somalia throughout the past decades and knowing what is besieging the country has allowed for more lenient policies towards Somalis seeking asylum and fleeing the turmoil in their homeland;

    ? American ...

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    The solution takes into a detailed narrative the reasons behind the resettlement of about 600 Somalian refugees in the US by providing a discussion of Somalia - its history (replete with dates and statistics) and socio-political situation, events that drove and continue to push Somalis to seek for refuge elsewhere. The solution seeks to explain the Somali Refugee Mass Migration Problem where Somalia is noted to be ground zero for the worst humanitarian disaster in the world where warlords, corruption, and a non-functioning government has created a nation ruled by only by the most vicious warlords. The solution also takes into account the difficulty of refugee resettling and the psychological hardship of being a refugee.