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    Role of persecution

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    The notion of persecution plays an essential role in the structure and functioning of the international regime of refugee protection. What is persecution?

    What role does it play in the regime now?
    How has this role developed over time?
    What are the principal problems that it presents to the refugee and his/her advocates in the search for refugee protection?
    What are the solutions to be found?

    Note: Please answer/research based on the questions exact. Analyze and debate answers with examples also.

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    //The notion of persecution has an essential role to play in the international regime of refugee protection. This paper will help in understanding the meaning of persecution, along with the developments in the role of persecution over the time. It will also throw light on problems it presents to the refugee and advocates in the search for refugee protection along with some possible solutions//

    Persecution can be defined as a negative intention formed regarding a person or a group of people on the basis of, age, race, gender, religion etc. This is also defined as a movement against a person or a group based on race and discrimination. Often, persecution implies a negative effort or an aggressive intention. There are different forms of persecution essentially established on physical attributes or supposed differences in beliefs. Religious persecution and racial persecution are the most common forms that results in violence, murders and wars, etc. African slavery is one of the examples that display racial persecution (Martin, 2010).

    The notion of persecution plays a significant role in International regime refugee protection. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees discharges his assigned functions in the refugee protection regime, which is driven from general principles of human rights. Simultaneously, it was established on the treaty and customary law obligations with a resolute determination, especially, those resulting from the 1951 convention. This regime directs by an authoritative declaration and directives commanding an international and regional body that incorporates the decisions of UNHCR's Executive Committee. The 1951 Convention is a milestone in the determination of standards for the management and dealing of refugees (Martin, 2010).

    The basic concepts of refugee protection regime comprise of certain facts, such as, the refugees should not be brought back to persecution and the protection should be reached all the refugees without any discrimination. The problem of refugees should not cause any tension between states, as this problem is social and humanitarian in nature. The persons seeking asylums and escaping persecutions should not be penalized for entering another country, irregularly. It is essential to have cooperation by the states with the High Commissioner for Refugees, in order to deal with the problem of refugees. Additionally, safeguarding of essential human rights is also included in refugee protection, which comprises of safety of person, right to freedom, life, the right not be discriminated against, the right to be free from torture and the right to use to the rudiments necessary for survival (Barnett, 2002).

    The clear notion of the persecution can well be understood by having a look at the several developments within the broad field of human rights that includes the conventions like; 1984 convention against civil torture, 1966 International covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1950 European Convention of Human Rights, 1969 American Convention on Human Rights, etc (Maiani, 2008).
    //The above text defined the meaning of the term persecution in relation to refugee protection. Now, we will have a look at how the role of persecution developed over the time//.

    The role of persecution has developed over time in the regime of refugee protection. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and established in 1950 works for the protection and relief of the refugees on the request of help by the Government or the United Nations. It was planned to develop this organization that ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2109 words with references.